CITY NEW YORK – Hurricane Sandy New York City 30 October 2012

CITY NEW YORK - Hurricane Sandy New York City 30 October 2012

The Hurricane App, created by Bournemouth-based 3 Sided Cube, has had a total of 500000 downloads – 50000 since the hurricane struck the coast. It aims to keep those affected on the US East Coast “informed and prepared”, says the 10-strong team behind it. The free app was launched in June and usually sees 800 downloads per day. The app allows users to get notifications on any threats in their area or to keep track of loved ones by linking to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Weather Service. It also offers an “I’m Safe” feature and has sent out more than three million alerts to keep those people affected informed. The American Red Cross approached 3 Sided Cube after hearing about a first aid app it created for the British Red Cross.

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13 Responses to CITY NEW YORK – Hurricane Sandy New York City 30 October 2012

  1. vaske76 says:

    This is the beginning, the United States will pay to the Lord God for so many innocent lives, men, women, children who were murdered!

  2. dmonetl28 says:

    I dont think this is better than Katrina!!!! This was terrrible even worse i feel bad for everyone there

  3. Manhattankid10 says:

    Wow! Amazing!

  4. Kassandra WImbish says:

    Omg hurricane Katrina was wayyyyyyyy worse than this!!! Thats like a typical storm to me

  5. 18zhee says:

    A hurricane like this in NY the buildings would not stand.

  6. nylotus says:

    I live in NY and was here during the hurricane… hate to say it but we definitely don’t have palm trees here. this shit is fake. nice try though!

  7. 18zhee says:

    Look up hurricane dolly 2008 and u will see wher this video came from. South Padre Island looks like Miami only smaller.

  8. 18zhee says:

    If u look up hurricane

  9. xevious2501 says:

    Exactly who are they trying to fool, first ny dont have palmtrees theyl die in the winter, second thats far more than cat 1 winds.

  10. jim chamberlain says:

    this aint ny you moron new York don’t have palm trees

  11. frankbateau1 says:

    I live in NYC. Nope, no palm trees here.

  12. nmcelroy2 says:

    LOL tjis is like a cat 3-4 storm… that is not Sandy and thats definitely not NYC

  13. Artexmaxima says:

    was he dancing?

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