CityView Racquet Club Brings the South of France to Their Gallery Wall with Paintings by Club Member Linda Vance

Long Island City, NY (PRWEB) February 18, 2015

CityView Racquet Club, located in Long Island City, is pleased to bring the South of France to their gallery wall through the paintings of artist Linda Vance. Vance has been a member of CityView Racquet Club since early 2014 and has made a third career as a self-taught painter since 1990.

In France, Vance lives on a small road that offers scenic views of Mediterranean bays on both sides. The location serves as Vance’s inspiration for her paintings, which contain colorful seascapes and other scenes around the shoreline and town.

“Many of my paintings are scenes from my life in France,” Vance said. “The bays in particular are surrounded by pleasant walkways where there are plenty of flowers to paint.”

CityView Racquet Club always has artworks on display on their gallery wall. Most of the works are by members and some of the paintings are also available for purchase.

Vance had knee trouble a few years ago and was told by her doctor to keep playing tennis while she was in Manhattan for the winter months. She set out to find some soft courts and get some health and fitness tips, which brought her to CityView Racquet Club.

“I like the club a lot,” Vance said. “The staff and managers at the facility are friendly and helpful, the range and number of teaching [tennis] pros is impressive and the whole athletic department is headed by two very good tennis directors.”

Vance’s paintings got noticed after she sent a thank you note with her art on it to club staff members. “When I first joined the club last winter, I met with many people and sent them all a card as a thank you,” she said.

Tennis co-director Joe Perez received one of her cards and told Vance that winter was the perfect time for CityView Racquet Club to display her depictions of the South of France.

Vance was first inspired to paint in 1990 after she and her husband took a vacation to the South of France. She prefers to use acrylic paint for her art, which she creates in her home in Beaulieu-sur-Mer on the C

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