Clash of Clans LUCKY Defenses + Free iTunes and Google Play GIVEAWAY!

Clash Of Clans Attacks giving you FREE gems in Clash of Clans – free iTunes and Google Play gift cards! Lucky defenses – lucky giveaway! FREE Gems in Clash of Clans:…

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22 Responses to Clash of Clans LUCKY Defenses + Free iTunes and Google Play GIVEAWAY!

  1. Clash of Clans Attacks says:

    Many gift cards have been given out already- but I have TONS more! It’s not too late!

  2. hugo vermeeren says:

    does it also work for android???

  3. Clash of Clans Attacks says:

    Let me know your referral code and what app you downloaded? Random giveaways have BEGUN! Good luck!

  4. Clash of Clans Attacks says:
  5. Jerome Crawford says:

    I’m all signed up!! Referral code: HGK9PZ …. I downloaded Wallapop

  6. HostileZombieHD says:

    Gallydon are you still checking out bases?

  7. Bill Mike says:

    Galadon can you make a new clan for lower people please? I want to join a clan like yours but im only a townhall 7 :(

  8. Cres_ says:

    Is this safe from malware and spyware?

  9. Ryan Underwood says:


  10. Abdalraheem Alrameeni says:

    Done downlod this is my code (9BMXHG) Thank you for all your videos i learn who I can attack and get 100% from your videos Thank you again and again 

  11. Lucas Chang says:

    My referral code is CE6E9F The app that i downloaded is Battle Camp :)

  12. Cole - Nym8ted says:

    Wish me luck, Gallydon! FULL ATTACK!!! 

  13. Jordan MC says:

    Thank god new vid. Good one again galadon. 40 year old man, thought you were like 19 LEL. But off that subject, good work and keep it up

  14. Matt Weissen says:

    TQ9Z2C AND I downloaded Cooking Fever! I watch your videos every day and your by far my favourite coc youtuber! good luck on your road to 5k!!

  15. Garrett Pereda says:

    Guys, i love u all just saying xD

  16. Quick_WFC says:

    Congrats Galadon! Always loved the clash strategy going on in your videos! :)

  17. Abdalraheem Alrameeni says:

    Thank you galadon for all your videos I see all you videos I hop to win any thing from you will be good for me 10or 1 and me and my friends share all you videos And give it 1010 again I hop to win And this is my code (9BMXHG) You will get more and more sub 500k Thank you 

  18. Anthony craft says:

    I love your vid and thx for all the coc tips and pls don’t quit 

  19. Joe Vargas says:

    Can yll please help me out? I’m done recruiting in global those people drive me crazy. Just join me plz. I was 1 away from war and then 6 people left within 10 mins and then I electacuted myself. I’ve had a bad day. Clan tag:#8qlpgjco

  20. Agnibha Chakraborty says:

    does it work in india?

  21. Oliver_ Playz says:

    I can’t enter because I used some1 else’s code ages ago :( but congrats on 500k

  22. Brandon Y. says:

    KBS2X9 I downloaded double down casino. Thank you for posting these vids Gallydon, I’ve been watching you the past couple of months and made you part of my daily routine. Congratulations on 500k subscribers I hope to see you with 1million soon!

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