CLASH OF THE YUGITUBER: Vexacus4666 (Chaos Agents) VS Prowinston (X-Sabers) MATCH

Jarel Winston’s Channel YOUTUBE REMOVED THE AUDIO Tonight main event on Dueling Network (DN) The HBIC Of Entertainment Vexacus4666 VS The Self Proclaim Pro: Prowinston. Who will win the power of the Chaotic Light of Agents or the ruthless power of X-Sabers. Attention Ladies and Gentleman children of all ages! Jarel Pro Winston made up a brand new segment for Youtube! It’s called Epic Duels! These are recorded games that are promised to make you sit on the edge of your seats! Duels will be recorded profiling Top Tier decks, competing against one another. And on the second day, will be profiling against Tier 2 deck against one another. The third week of the month we will have a pay view event with 5 matches being conducted to crow The Epic Duel Champion! Jarel has given the honor to Cordero, The HBIC Of Entertainment Vexacus4666 to be general Manager of the Tier 2 show. And Prowinston is the Manager of The Tier 1 show. And for the epic duel pay view event, we both will be booking our best duelist, from our brand against one another. At the end of a 2 month trial period, we will give out a prize to the reigning champion. Leave ur Thoughts Below and LIKE If You Enjoy This Video =============================================== ♥★Wanna Chat With Smexy Vexy♥★ Also leave a message or inbox me telling me who ur when u add me plz • Text Plus #: 715-861-4634 • Facebook ••• • Facebook Fan Page••• • Twitter ••• • Skype
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to CLASH OF THE YUGITUBER: Vexacus4666 (Chaos Agents) VS Prowinston (X-Sabers) MATCH

  1. gottoms568 says:

    love the videos as well=D

  2. Thor Nielsen says:

    oh, that last play, sangan –> get honest mmmm delicious.

  3. SSJason19 says:

    This is just a guess, but I think the dislikes may be due to the lack of audio. For me it made the video seem so dead, even though the duel was good, apart from you storming an obvious SLR play(twice). I didn’t leave a dislike in case you where wondering, I like this channel to much.

  4. sagqsamirquintella says:

    man ur vids are just awesome

  5. TeamBubbleT says:

    you guys need azneys as commentator like michael cole 😀

  6. Vexacus4666 says:

    U do realize he dropped an Effect Veiler rite 

  7. Vexacus4666 says:

    You don’t realize how much this comment made my day literally you have no idea. Thx u this means a lot

  8. xclown6 says:

    U need mike Goldberg and joe Rogan commentating

  9. OMGRANTER says:

    good clean dueled enjoyed watching it :)

  10. censor9999 says:

    Love it My fav channel And the only channel I watch daily -3-3-3-3-3 Stay smexxxy

  11. Prowinston says:

    I used effect veiler Was you watching

  12. d3a6s says:

    It makes ME sad man…you out do yourself with your videos and apparently some people don’t appreciate the content you put out. I’m a new-ish subscriber but I’ve watched every video you’ve put out since and I have yet to dislike one of your videos.

  13. kmx14 says:

    I special summoned Gorz with an Archlord Kristya on the field. Why? Because I’m a Pro.

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