Classic Game Room – ARMORINES: PROJECT SWARM review for PlayStation

Armorines Project SWARM review. www.ClassicGameRoom Shop CGR t-shirts http Classic Game Room reviews ARMORINES: PROJECT SWARM for PlayStation from 2000 by Acclaim! It’s a bug hunt! Shoot alien insects with a variety of weapons in this semi-ambitious first person shooter with a good, goofy style but sluggish controls and murky visuals. Armorines had a lot of potential and suffers from hardware that can’t handle it and a controller that isn’t worth much for FPS games, yet somehow it remains charming in that cheesy sort of way. A delightful narration introduces the main characters and bug-infested future but then the tank scene comes along and ruins it all. Boo tank scene! Armorines could have been better but for those looking for a serious (SERIOUS) challenge it’s here for you today!! Armorines has local multiplayer and a relatively goundbreaking co-op mode for 2 player mayhem (in fact, many people believe this is the way the game is meant to be played)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

20 thoughts on “Classic Game Room – ARMORINES: PROJECT SWARM review for PlayStation

  1. its hard because there is no pansy ass regenerating health, shit load of checkpoints, and it doesnt spell things out for you as to what you have to do like all you faggity ass COD players need nowadays

  2. The problem is not the controller itself, which is still the standard. The problem is the controller configuration, they just didn’t get how to properly use the dual sticks and “triggers” at the time. On the other hand, N64 had it down, even with one stick, they had the same control scheme we use to day, with the Z button as the trigger and the C buttons as the Camera stick (which was always Nintendo’s intention, they just made it with buttons, which at the time seemed more useful)

  3. If you can get your hands on the N64 version you should give it a try. It is indeed superior when it comes to lighting, graphics, and when I played the aim didn’t seemed as complicated as this video makes it out to be (But I can’t blame you for that, it looks very clunky in the PS2 version). It’s actually decent game when you get used to the controls and while is very hard indeed, is possible to beat it, especially the on-rail sections which caused me not much trouble.

  4. the camera seems a lot lower than modern shooters. were all old shooters like this? it looks like he’s playing as a midget or someone with half their body in the ground.

  5. FPS on the ps1 would be just great if playable with a mouse and a keyboard…but I´ve been uncapable to manage and fix this with any emulator on my pc…FRUSTRATION!

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