Classic Game Room – BLOOD DRIVE for PS3 review

Classic Game Room - BLOOD DRIVE for PS3 review

Classic Game Room reviews BLOOD DRIVE for Playstation 3 PS3 video game console (also available for Xbox 360), a post-apocalyptic zombie-slaughtering automobile combat game. Drive cars straight outta Mad Max and Road Warrior in gladiator style duels against other rides and waves of zombies! Various arena style events like Zombie Roadkill, checkpoint races and “keep the skull” (or whatever it’s called) keep gameplay tight and ferocious albeit repetitive after a while. Controls take a bit of time to get used to but work well once mastered and the battlegrounds themselves are moderately interesting and chock full o’ zombies. This CGR review of Blood Drive has gameplay from Blood Drive in the review showing videogame game play of Blood Drive from Activision on PS3, also available for Xbox 360.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to Classic Game Room – BLOOD DRIVE for PS3 review

  1. Cell4TR says:

    0:47 lol zombie wants to enter car 😀

  2. OwtDaftUK says:

    Looks crap, I’d much rather play Carmageddon which is a very old game but still unmatched.

  3. metalaxi says:

    Stupid commercials!

  4. Crunchsnap says:

    This guy should do those little tv trailers of what is going to happen in the next episode of a show. You know… “In the next episode of CSI the team got their hands full when a bunch of african tribe warriors impale their boss with spears, find out exactly what happens on Friday at eleven!”

  5. Th3GoldenGam3r says:

    what’s so funny? C’mon,let me in on the joke!

  6. diamond4music says:

    looks lik a zombie version of twisted metal

  7. InquisitorSledge says:

    Twisted Metal and Vigilante 8,huh? Why nobody mentions Rogue Trip Vacation 2012?

  8. joelgayozo says:

    is the same as vigilante 8 was a great game and this is your back but I love to play I love how it look

  9. callofanand says:

    its a good game but very very shallow

  10. crazyjuggalo97 says:


  11. ArmyPy says:

    a mix of Rogue Trip, Carmaggedon and Twisted Metal. I choose Twisted Metal and 37 choose the others.

  12. Freepsncodes2 says:

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  13. xbrian1992x says:

    I got this game used at gamestop for free when it was buy 2 get one free

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