Classic Game Room – CRAYON SHIN-CHAN review for Sega Game Gear

Classic Game Room - CRAYON SHIN-CHAN review for Sega Game Gear

Crayon Shin-Chan game review. Shop CGR shirts & mugs! http Classic Game Room reviews CRAYON SHIN-CHAN for Sega Game Gear released in 1995, a horrible collection of mini-games based on the anime that make fun die.

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17 Responses to Classic Game Room – CRAYON SHIN-CHAN review for Sega Game Gear

  1. untseac says:

    Boy do you live in a closet or something? There are tons of games based off anime. You can go back to the nintendo/master system era (3rd generation I think) and there were already games based on anime. There are also many anime based of Japanese games. As for Death Note there are 3 games as far as I know for the DS. Check wikipedia.

  2. bertersfd says:

    it is actually from an anime, I know because it aired over here in Holland when i was a kid.

  3. untseac says:

    1:22 Nobody should be ashamed of knowing what Shin-chan is. It is an hilarious anime. I find it funnier than Simpsons and all its clones (e.g., Family Guy). Much better than the tons of bullshit banana peel slip cartoons. It is different in that it depicts things that can happen in real life. The game still sucks though =]

  4. Niccolo Nadizine says:

    I didn’t know they made games based off Anime, Is there a game of Death Note?

  5. marquisdesator says:

    Screw this game but the show and graphic novels are absolute win. This game is just some sad cash grab bull crap.

  6. EdoSNK says:

    Anything with shin chan in it will always be good.

  7. NeoCorinthian says:

    The guy is actually from a picture book. I know, I take Japanese.


    this is the gayest thing on earth since the creation of the american consitution!

  9. kambadinha says:

    super amazing video

  10. liuf92 says:

    You sir should educate yourself on Shin Chan. lol jk. But seriously it’s an awesome anime :)

  11. Tensukemaru says:

    It may be bad, but it’s a bad game with Shin-chan in it. It does get extra points for that.

  12. kuttadid says:

    One of my favorite animes.

  13. TheJediCharles says:

    0:35 Peewee Herman?

  14. GodofAllSims27 says:


  15. Aquarhane says:

    I would totally buy this.

  16. Dragonfury3000 says:

    that and kochikame

  17. Strayspider Strut says:

    I think the worst animation is part of it’s style and charm. Shin Chan is like South Park of Japan without controversies.

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