Classic Game Room – CTR: CRASH TEAM RACING review for PlayStation

CTR Crash Team Racing review. Shop CGR shirts and mugs! http Classic Game Room reviews CTR CRASH TEAM RACING for PlayStation from Naughty Dog and Sony released in 1999. CTR Crash Team Racing is a kart racing game like Mario Kart with the Crash Bandicoot characters. Far from being a “me too” kind of game, CTR delivers awesome driving with excellent track designs, great visuals and smooth gameplay where driving is the priority instead of drifting for boost. Mario Kart and Sonic Racing fans or anyone who loves video game kart racing should dig CTR because the gameplay is super fun and the challenge rocks!

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22 Responses to Classic Game Room – CTR: CRASH TEAM RACING review for PlayStation

  1. datsunmudder says:

    they need to bring back crash bandicoot

  2. darksideofme18b says:

    ohhhhhhhhh my childhood…… :)

  3. tenryuzora says:

    I wasn’t talking about “THIS” game -_- Did you even read my comment? ﹡ᵐᵘᵐᵇᶫᵉ ᵐᵘᵐᵇᶫᵉ﹡

  4. sonic1934 says:

    No one cares about what you think about this game. ._.

  5. tenryuzora says:

    that game is shit, Crash Nitro Cart is WAY better.

  6. tenryuzora says:

    There is Crash Nitro Cart on the PS2 not a remake but very similar to this one, Great game. OR Crash tag team racing, shitty game.

  7. XxTMFYBRUTIALxX says:

    are you talking about Crash Tag Team Racing on the PS2 and Nintendo Gamecube?

  8. DigiLychee says:

    no, it was probably crash nitro cart, which had similar gameplay

  9. Kern1996 says:

    Was there a PS2 remake of this? I remember playing it with better graphics.

  10. Gabriel Carvalho says:

    I played the shit out of this game!

  11. LostExile35 says:

    The first game I ever played :)

  12. hoodedmantis666 says:

    Haha I played the hell out of this game in the day. Naughty dog made crash racing and jak racing now its time for uncharted racing!

  13. cuzzythewolf2 says:

    insults dont do a thing and you act like everyone in the world is suppose to know that.

  14. crazymiles says:

    It’s published by Sony, so that will never happen.

  15. crazymiles says:

    He’s a bandicoot, as his name EXPLICITLY STATES, you fucking retard.

  16. cuzzythewolf2 says:

    crash is a dingo . i think

  17. Mindtide says:

    It amazes me how playable this game still is, after so many years.

  18. Marco Martins says:

    when you learn to drift every single time to gain nitro YOU feel like the King Of The World (amazing game way better than modnationshit for example) :)

  19. John Farley says:

    wow brings back memorys of when i was a 30 year old baby

  20. NukeA6 says:

    Godzilla Racing? How is that gonna work?

  21. FinlandTrooper says:

    At 02:36 I like how he just shakes 😀

  22. blacksheeptrp8 says:

    xbox 360 port :(

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