Classic Game Room – HALO: REACH review part 1

Classic Game Room - HALO: REACH review part 1

Part 1 of 2. Classic Game Room reviews HALO REACH for Xbox 360 from Bungie. Noble Team, prepare to shoot everything that moves and is purple! Wipe the Covenant off Reach, this prequel to the first Halo is a jaw-dropping shooting-fest for fans of the Halo series and first person sci fi shooters. A fun campaign mode that tells the story of Noble Team takes players on an adventure through exciting alien landscapes, urban environments and into space. Halo Reach has all new multiplayer maps, a refined firefight mode and new and improved Forge map making mode. Earn cr credits to use to buy new outfits and cool things and also compete in daily challenges in Halo Reach. This CGR review of Halo: Reach from Bungie for Xbox 360 has gameplay from Halo Reach showing the campaign mode in Halo Reach with game play in Xbox 360.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

20 thoughts on “Classic Game Room – HALO: REACH review part 1

  1. That’s me too dude. =]..There is no such thing as a bad Halo game. but the first one really was evolved combat from all the Doom to Golden Eye we had played. Never had to deal with anything like a Hunter in an FPS before.

  2. I am starting to consider the fact that I may have been intoxicated when I posted this. I never post with grammar that is that bad, and my favorite singleplayer experience is Mass Effect, followed by Metal Gear Solid, followed by GTA4. Please ignore that comment entirely, Halo’s story is ok, but not great. I did like the Halo 3 campaign, though.

  3. You haven’t played many single player focused games (those nintendo games don’t count, because their story is dumbed down, and has no originality)if you think a Halo game has the best story ever (the books are cool, but the games completely transformed Master Chief on a generic military shooter character)…

  4. So the best singleplayer component to a game has to be of this generation right? Riiiiight… Halo 3 campaign was great gameplay wise. Way more epic than reach, but reach is a great game because of the story and the spartans

  5. I have, it was…..meh. I was slightly overreacting in this post, though. The best singleplayer component to a game ever is Mass Effect 2. Halo 3 was very good.

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