Classic Game Room – TOP SHOT ELITE review

Classic Game Room reviews the Cabela’s TOP SHOT ELITE assault rifle gun accessory for Playstation 3 PS3 with the wireless sensor bar. The Top Shot Elite is a “light gun” style gun peripheral for video games like Cabela’s North American Adventures and Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011. It comes with a wireless sensor bar for PS3 and Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii version works with the Wiimote. From Cabela’s and Activision, the Top Shot Elite gun comes with Dangerous Hunts 2011 and works well with PS3 and Xbox 360. The Top Shot Elite and Sensor bar both use two AA batteries (all four included with Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011 and Top Shot Elite bundle). Top Shot Elite used in CGR reviews of Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011 and Cabela’s North American Adventures for PS3 which are both shooting gallery style arcade games and have storyline / adventure modes.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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19 Responses to Classic Game Room – TOP SHOT ELITE review

  1. stenk000 says:

    Play assasins creed 3 with this!!!

  2. ReddSouljah says:

    Could I use this game with other games like say… House of the Dead: Overkill? Or any other titles that aren’t Cabela’s?

  3. проша березняко says:

    Привет пидары я русский

  4. Tootsie Roll says:


  5. TheTrueLocke says:

    It’s wireless. 

  6. cindy pacek says:

    how do you connect the gun to xbox?!?!?!?!?

  7. Adrastia says:

    I hate how all these guns look like they belong in cartoons. All so little Johnny doesn’t think he has the balls to stand off with the police using a plastic video game gun. Well actually the one for Wii has a cool sci fi space look to it.

  8. Ivan Benja says:

    LOLED at the end. XD

  9. Papinguim says:

    @SpringVisual No, he stinks.

  10. DjStiv3 says:

    and wii controller analog thumbsticks lol

  11. SpringVisual says:

    Please look at Angry Joe’s review of this thing! This review is a complete joke!

  12. Asbjørn Rasmussen says:

    see my video and subscribe i have big game hunter 2012 to ps3

  13. pyrokinetic666 says:

    After all that you didn’t even show you using the fucking thing, COME ON MAN.

  14. 165er165er says:

    The finish is the best!!!!

  15. Annavlopl says:

    Great i subbed! thx great vid! hughs from Germanyv

  16. DRAGOgruppirovka says:

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  17. hrcr101 says:


  18. George Xarchos says:

    morgan freeman goes with visa

  19. D Robinson says:

    i got confused on that once i hired an assassin to shoot my TV

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