Cleveland Cavs vs Chicago Bulls at The Schott

Cleveland Cavs vs Chicago Bulls at The Schott
Event on 2014-10-20 19:00:00


MUST BE 21 TO WORK THIS EVENT (except cook must be 18)

By signing up, you acknowledge you have read and agree with the following:


Sign-up notes:

  • Event times listed are subject to change 
  • Arrival times will vary by event and assigned task 
  • Arrival times could be four hours prior to event for some positions
  • Compensation is hourly based on hours worked & may be combined with another event the same day
  • Some events are alcohol events – alcohol training required
  • Must be 18 years of age to work (cannot sell or pour alcohol if under 21)
  • For alcohol events, all workers must be 21 years old (except cook)
  • To be fair, please sign up only 1 worker per family to work until event is within 10 days
    • Exceptions: 
      • Day game (weekday non-holiday): 2 workers per family, then multiple when event is within 10 days
      • Multiple event days: 2 workers per family, then multiple when event is within 10 days
  • RSA fundraising reserves the right to remove anyone from the list as needed or required for staffing levels or fairness
  • Valid photo id required at check-in

 Changes and cancellations:

  • If you need to cancel, you must find your own replacement
  • Canceling without providing a replacement:: ,00 charge (2nd time: loss of fundraising privileges also)
  • No show / no call: .00 charge and loss of fundraising privileges
  • A minor cannot replace an adult worker
  • Notify Tyler Walker of any changes – Notify stand lead if same worker issues
  • If staffing levels change, more positions may become available or may be dissolved


  • If the event is full, an option for joining the Waitlist will be available
  • Sign-up for the Waitlist only of you can commit to work should a position become available
  • If you are on the Waitlist and a position becomes available, you will be scheduled, if needed.
  • Take clothes for dress code to work or leave them in your car so you are prepared if a position opens up
  • Waitlist scheduling will be in order of sign-up date/time while also taking into consideration the position available
  • If you are on the Waitlist and decide to work in place of a scheduled worker, please let Heidi Walker know.
  • If you do not want to commit to work the event should position(s) open up, do not add yourself to the Waitlist.

 Dress code:

  • Pants: Black pants – no capri style, stretch pants or denim, no low waistline
  • Shirt: Provided by Levy each night – must be tucked in and worn when in the stand – no exceptions
  • Hat: Levy hat only – must be worn facing frontward – must purchase for .00
  • Apron: Provided for cooks by Levy each night for cooks
  • Shoes: skid resistant; tennis shoes work best; no open toe or heel;  no canvas  shoes; no crocks style shoes
  • Levy may fine or remove workers fr dress code violations and may also fine the group

 Parking and Entering the Arena:

  • There will be traffic – leave ample time for arrival, parking & check-in (must be in booth by scheduled time)
  • The parking lot for events vary by event – Refer to the stand assignment email for specific event parking
  • All lots are North of the arena accessed from Fred Taylor Drive:
    • Bill Davis Lot (Gray 3 – 7, in front of baseball stadium)
    • Buckeye Lot (closer to Ackerman)
  • Parking Passes required – Available for download
  • If you do not have a pass, tell attendant you are working for Sodexo (may not be accepted & you may be charged)
  • Do not leave valuables in your car. OSU, Levy and RSA are not responsible for damage and/or theft
  • Staff entrance is at northwest corner of stadium (just east of corner spectator entrance)
  • Security person will check your name off the RSA list
  • Valid photo id required for everyone, including teens
  • Proceed to stand (Levy staff can direct you) – Lead needs to report to the office first

During the Event:

  • Please treat each customer how you would like to be treated as a customer yourself – and spending your money
  • Register workers are to be facing the register (not with backs to registers talking and socializing)
  • Happy customers return to our stand and spend more money (we are paid on commission, so keep them happy)
  • Wash hands often (wear food service gloves as necessary and required)
  • No cell phones or texting inside the booth (if you must take a call, let the booth lead know and leave the stand)
  • No eating or drinking in the stand (this is prohibited by the Health Department)
  • Breaks will be scheduled and given by the Booth Lead
  • One ten minute break per 4 hours scheduled (taken anytime during your work time as approved by the booth lead)
  • Maximum of 2 people on break at a time if staffing is above six (if six or less, then one at a time)
  • Breaks are for resting, smoking and phone calls (Per Levy, must eat before gates open)
  • Be sure to remove your apron anytime you leave the booth
  • For your own protection, if possible, do not bring your own cash to the event.

 End of event:

  • Everyone must participate in cleaning and end of event duties
  • Lead will coordinate cleaning and end of event tasks/duties
  • Lead is responsible for signing workers in and out on RSA Sign-in form
  • Leads & Help Leads are responsible to make sure stand is cleaned and all closing items have been completed. Any charges and/or fines caused from not completing tasks and/or not cleaning properly will be deducted from the event Lead and Help Lead.




Day of event issues?: Contact the Booth Lead for the event (ph# on stand assignment email)


Other Questions? – Contact Tyler Walker at










at Value City Arena
555 Borror Drive
Columbus, United States

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