Click Consult (Not Provided) Count Reveals Dramatic Decline In Organic Keyword Data

(PRWEB UK) 28 September 2013

(Not Provided) Count, a resource developed by digital agency Click Consult, has noticed a dramatic decline in organic keyword data.

In recent news posts industry experts have used (Not Provided) Count data to support their reporting, including Mozs Rand Fishkin in his Whiteboard Friday video on the 24th September. Danny Sullivan from Marketing Land, Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Roundtable and Aaron Wall from SEO Book have all linked to the resource at in articles for their publications and on their social media accounts, whilst Chris Crum of Web Pro News did the same in his recent article Google cranks up Not Provided keywords.

The recent surge in referrals and traffic is due to a sharp increase in encrypted organic search traffic from Google. Since 2011 the search engine has been hiding the keywords that users logged into their Google account search for before navigating to a website. This means that website owners cannot see which keywords a visitor searched for to access their website if they are logged into their Google account; instead they see the term (not provided). However, from looking at data on (Not Provided) Count, it now appears that Google has hidden this information for all organic search users. Indeed, Google themselves have admitted: we added SSL encryption for our signed-in search users in 2011, as well as searches from the Chrome omnibox earlier this year. Were now working to bring this extra protection to more users who are not signed in.

(Not Provided) Count was developed by the SEO team at Click Consult in December 2012, 14 months after Google first rolled out (not provided). It has been tracking the websites of 60 of Click Consults clients, all from various industries and all with widely differing monthly traffic volumes, and the rise in (not provided) traffic to each. This historical data, in addition to the recent peak of (not provided) traffic, has made the tool a valuable source of information to help explain these recent developments in the industry.

Lee Ward, an Organic Search Practitioner at Click Consult, said: Weve been watching the rise of the (not provided) issue with interest over the last couple of years, as it has such a significant impact on the industry. We anticipated that we would still be able to get a reasonable amount of keyword information for the next few months, but the recent increase in (not provided) has meant that SEOs will have to adapt sooner than expected. Luckily there are other ways to get this information, such as the methods Rand Fishkin mentioned in his video on Furthermore, our in-house Social Media Practitioner sees these (not provided) developments as paving the way for powerful social media campaigns to be the staple to all digital marketing strategies.

For more information about (Not Provided) Count, visit the website.

Notes for editors

(Not Provided) Count is a tool that has been tracking the rise of (not provided) traffic to 60 of Click Consults clients since December 2012.

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