Client Research Tool to be Added Fall 2013 for Low Cost SEO Reporting and Services Offered by i4 Solutions

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) July 15, 2013

What is missing for most businesses that seek out affordable search engine optimization?

With new advances in the competitive field of low cost SEO services, i4 Solutions can now show clients continuously updated information to help them see how their website promotions are performing. This comes in the form of a new online evaluation tool, which, as any Internet marketing firm will agree, is vital when it comes to presenting progress to clients. We have determined that by dissecting what is wrong with the business model for web promotion, said Mike Rivera, Co-Founder of i4 Solutions, Our team can provide clients the insight they have been missing. With this new and continuously updated evaluation of progress and visibility, clients will now be able to get snapshots of their efforts within seconds.

How does the new tool function?

In order to bank on a principle such as affordable search engine optimization, one must create powerful, automated tools that provide good client feedback. This is why the low cost SEO services offered by i4 Solutions are becoming ever popular, as the service and results increase, but prices do not. While these advancements are great for an Internet marketing firm, they are far from the final step in evolving client relations and reporting. With a large research and development team, the company plans to take the market by storm; moving quickly onto opportunities missed by others, and maintaining strong retention for satisfied clients.

What will the client see?

Every client will be able to view their visibility scores and page authority from the SERPs engine, which will tell them if their affordable search engine optimization efforts are paying off. Further, the client will be able to do keyword discovery to determine traffic, and better decide if low cost SEO services are a good fit for their business. Another major factor with this model is that the client can have a better dialogue with their Internet marketing firm, and make decisions that they wouldnt feel comfortable making with their previous view of the project. Not only does the new tool give insights into what has been accomplished, but it also shows the client a timeline of expectations, and what can be done to improve that timeline or achieve better results in a shorter period of time. This achieves a marriage between the new evaluation tool, and the companys home grown content management system known as Titanium CMS. For more information, please visit:

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