Clip or Magazine?

Clip or Magazine?

Image by mr.smashy
Explored July 22, 2007

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  1. I Love Badger Dogs! says:

    Yep. Most liberals can’t tell the difference for some reason. Ignorance overtakes the liberals as usual. Interesting photo!

  2. Rickd248 says:

    I’ve always wanted the gun the belongs to the en bloc clips on the left, I mean WEST side of picture. Nicely laid out, I like the pull string on the bottom of the .223 magazine.

  3. mr.smashy says:

    Rickd248, Join the CMP, stock up on the 30-’06, and wait for M1s to start going up for sale in October 07.

  4. cyberar says:

    Sweet, I need a spoon, I forgot when I was at the gun show. Just got 3k in stripper clips. I forgot the spoon tool to load the strippers.

  5. Mister PG says:

    Whats all this about strippers?

  6. Rickd248 says:

    Mister PG—Look at the picture above. Run your cursor over the picture until you get the box marked "Clips". Once you find the two clips, those are called "Stripper Clips. Reason being, those clips are inserted into the "Spoon" (just below the Clips). The Spoon attaches to the top of the magazine on the right side of the picture. Once all three items (Stripper clip, spoon and magazine) are together, you push the ammo down the clip and into the magazine. In other words you strip the ammo out of the clip and into the magazine. You can load a magazine a whole lot faster with a stripper clip and one round at a time. A 30 round mag. only takes 3 stripper clips and it is completely loaded. Does that help any?

  7. Mister PG says:

    Yes – thanks

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