Closed Ranks

Closed Ranks

Image by P!XELTREE
Just an ordinary Sunday….

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EOS 5D – 100mm – f/2.8

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8 Responses to Closed Ranks

  1. page.closed says:

    great job on b&w and DoF 😉

  2. underthecastle says:

    Agree with p.folk, the sharp focus on the chain is great and the DOF makes this a really powerful image.

  3. salakari says:

    it’s perfect! Completely agree with underthecastle.

  4. allyqtea says:

    I love the focus. :)

  5. raggaroberts says:

    love the focus and b&w :)

  6. ruhama quadir says:

    the black and white is perfect for this it really makes the texture stand out!

  7. dapalmerpeter (slow & low) says:

    klar das bild und meinung

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