Cloud Computing Basics

Brian Gracely provides an overview of Cloud Computing, as well as introducing this series of videos covering different aspects of Cloud Computing.

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15 Responses to Cloud Computing Basics

  1. mishad2007 says:

    Brian, great video and very clear explanation about cloud computing! Thanks for sharing

  2. Matt Bewers says:

    Excellent jargon-free introduction with ideas well connected. Thanks Brian!

  3. Rajat Sengupta says:

    great Introduction

  4. Shilpa Arora says:

    plz send ths video asap on my email id .ths will really help me

  5. Mohamed Ali says:

    These awesome explanation Like it

  6. sgnospampls says:

    Thanks for providing this series of videos. I stumbled across this and will go through all the series you’ve listed. Again super thanks as knowledge is power…

  7. Sudhakara Raju says:

    good. thanks

  8. Salis Sabri says:

    yes i realy like this

  9. Damien Upston says:

    I really appreciate this video, going for a job as an Information Technology Assistant and this really helped me understand cloud technology more. :)

  10. germansheepard says:

    very low sound you need sound technology before cloud technology

  11. Marollasful says:

    blockade unfashionable this station if you be whatever back up understand affect reason more crystalyoshihubpagescomhubshyHowICTEnhancesandInhibitsshyCloudComputing

  12. Green Plasticbag says:

    CLOUD COMPUTING. browsing the web while flying?

  13. Aditya Joshi says:

    I’ve taken Cloud Computing as a 4 credit course in my masters degree

  14. ravismk91 says:

    is cloud computing needs master degree certification?

  15. abhayr3 says:

    Very useful video and informative as well…i am subscribed

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