Cloud Computing Best Animation

What is cloud computing? Cloud Computing is a much easier and affordable way to run your business. Cloud Computing is an easy way to improve your company’s bottom line, greatly. While allowing you to work from any smart phone, or computer anywhere in the world at any time. This animation is produced by Fahai Media (
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  1. Frederick Ishimwe says:

    what animation software did you use ? I would like to create an animation to explain some concepts

  2. Andres Vimos says:

    cloud computing is an easy way for someone to get your info@

  3. Lala Ibous says:

    Play song for rihanna

  4. Jason Sweet says:

    so a Cloud connection is a dedicated phone line like DSL or what?

  5. fahaimedia says:


  6. fahaimedia says:


  7. fahaimedia says:

    Thanks mate!

  8. fahaimedia says:

    After Effects!

  9. ddbbhh00 says:

    may i know which software(s) did u use to create this video?

  10. Harry Nicholas says:

    Not what I’d be inclined to call ‘best’.

  11. fivequotes says:

    cute .. like your clip .. keep it up =)

  12. Denis Samardjiev says:

    we did a full post on cloud computer recently @ deviceplanet . com

  13. saurabhsrivastava317 says:

    Best way to understand……

  14. learncloudcomputing says:

    Hands-on ADVANCED Cloud Computing Training from KNOWLEDGE LABS, visit LEARNCLOUD.IN

  15. Smyris TheEvilClown says:

    Though out of the two this one feels a bit more serious and professional (even if the script is almost identical)

  16. Smyris TheEvilClown says:

    This video is suspiciously familiar another cloud computing explaination: /watch?v=ae_DKNwK_ms

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