Cloud Computing Explained

Confused about the term “Cloud Computing”? Want to be “with the times” when you talk about new technology buzzwords? This video boils down a section of Cloud Computing, that of Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Hosting in a way that everyone can understand! Script by Michael Sheehan youtube: HighT3chDad blog: twitter Animation / illustration by Tim Wayne blog: Google+: email: A big hat tip goes out from us to the Common Craft folks who make simply the BEST “In Plain English” videos available and are very inspiring. See their videos at:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to Cloud Computing Explained

  1. Pradeep Mishra says:

    What about security aspects , what are the pros and cons if a insurance company or bank put their data on clould ?

  2. Peter Paulson says:

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  3. nirav patel says:

    Excellent video !

  4. assaqwwq says:

    your title is missleading are explaining what cloud HOSTING is..not what computing is..or maybe im wrong?

  5. Ron Chistik says:


  6. 2DeCipher says:

    I like the taxi analogy. Pay for the trip – not the car.

  7. Sudhinraj R says:


  8. Banu Prakash says:

    The way you presented is very catchy and innovative. can I know how did you do this.

  9. Dawne Wiggs says:

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  10. Manoj Subudhi says:

    Thanks for that piece of information. It gave some idea about, what cloud computing is.

  11. Page Comer says:

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  12. Shesha Sai says:

    You have perfected the art of explaining… This is amazing … Thanks a ton

  13. thahera Konkader says:

    Good presentation. thank you!

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