Cloud Computing – How it all works

Cloud Computing – How it all works.

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  1. Hosna Omidvarborna says:

    oh FRANK!:))

  2. Namdev Manoj says:

    non technical but i understand simply 

  3. dave giddings says:

    I know nothing about computing,but you have made this so easy to understand.Thank you 

  4. chrispygu says:

    This is absolutely the best brief explanation of cloud computing in plain english! Thanks!

  5. Tharindu Perera says:

    simple. best explanation,,Thank you

  6. Devaprabhu edwinraj says:

    this is the fuckin best explanation of cloud computing….now i gets what is cloud computing

  7. Nilesh Patil says:

    hey tht was really cool nd innovative way…..atleast people wl clear their basics,…good one!!!

  8. TheAmoscokkie says:

    And one powerful virus hits the datacentre, all businesses and coporations collapose……

  9. 1990banks says:


  10. BustedController says:

    Thank you for this video!!! I’m totally using this for my speech class for presenting my persuasive speech!

  11. Stormy Stroud says:

    Also known as remote servers. Cloud sounds way cooler than remote servers though. Nice video anyway. I was looking for something very simple to explain to a very non-technical person. Thanks!

  12. PhotoGuy30523 says:

    damn frank.

  13. munayata38 says:

    My teacher believes on cloud storage She said that it is amazing to store files in the cluods PS She doesnt know that it is on servers not in the cloud

  14. VEGETADTX says:

    For me this whole term of “Cloud Computing” is pretty much like a term “Object Oriented Programming” to me. So much hype over something that GOES WITHOUT SAYING…which other way do you do it??? 😀 Power of marketing is amazing, and power of people’s amenability is even more amazing…

  15. ronettreker says:

    And then the internet goes down…

  16. MyTzaPK says:

    Frank is in Bronx ? ooo…my poor dog

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