21 Replies to “Cloud Computing (in Plain English)”

  1. It couldn’t explained way more complex. Here is what’s cloud computing. User puts info/data/etc in big companies server and the company processes the data for the user, and user gets billed (or not) by the company. OFC the company own/check/change the data without informing the user. Sounds familiar? Well it is because cloud computing is just a ribbon on the same things that we already use to make it look something new and else. easiest example; webmails.

  2. Nice video.. slightly off topic question.. What is this type of animation called? Any pointers on tutorials related to that would be highly appreciated!

  3. Agore was instrmental as a lead senetor to initiate legislation that made it possible for the army or navy or airforce or who ever it was to bring forth internet. But you know the morons on the other side will run with a story to distort the truth and make fun of Al in takig his comments out of context. 

  4. The cloud is a con, the corporations and governments want to separate us from our programs and files, so all they have to do is cut off our internet access and we’re totally fucked, so we can’t even write anything or make any videos. It’s optional right now, but once they have enough mugs signed up they’ll make it compulsory. It’s all about controlling the means of production by removing it from our hands. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

  5. Nothing special about a “Cloud” server, its just a pitch for selling webhosting. Cloud server is typically a server that has a webserver dishing out websites in memory

  6. yeah! It probably becomes the property of the server company and they dish out royalties to the authors. OR they sell your apps and you don’t get paid, while you have to pay them for the apps usage.

  7. So if we have something like a VB.Net application that runs in windows, we tailor it with GUID’s or something and the Cloud server allows that program to run or what?

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