Cloud Computing: Maximizing the 80%

Cloud Computing: Maximizing the 80%
This time I'd like to take a closer look at the first of these – how to simplify the deployment of your cloud, and introduce the core features you and your customers will depend on, without unnecessary expenditure of time, energy and money. The …
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VMware CEO Causes Public Cloud Stir
According to Randy Bias, a respected voice in cloud computing, VMware shields its cloud services' APIs from public view. It puts an easy-to-use front end on them, but the APIs behind them can be changed to not work as before, leaving customers who want …
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Telecommuting and cloud computing: For innovators only
The work-at-home movement drives a great deal of interest in cloud computing. Public cloud platforms are typically better at providing IT services over the open Internet than enterprise IT is capable of doing. Thus, the public cloud can better serve a …
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