Cloud Talk Radio Interviews Bill West, CEO of Ellipsis to Discuss Improving Website Performance with Captcha Killing Software in Their Latest Radio Broadcast.

Seattle,WA (PRWEB) April 29, 2015

The newest radio show from Cloud Talk Radio discusses the a new website technology that helps improve the performance of websites. Hosts Robert J. Chandler and Keith Eneix interview CEO of Ellipsis, Bill West.

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Bill West shares how a new website technology helps improve the performance of websites by segmenting out spammy traffic from good traffic. Bill West also defines the problems with most websites who might use captcha such as conversion rate optimization, human experience, and website load times.

Listen in as Bill West discusses this new groundbreaking technology that will soon become an industry standard. Tune in to Cloud Talk Radio to hear the full interview from Bill West of Ellipsis.

About Cloud Talk Radio

Cloud Talk Radio is hosted by Robert Chandler, President and CEO at Cloud9 Real Time, and Keith Eneix, CEO at and internet marketing expert. Together, these cloud computing and business executives seek to provide business strategists and managers with practical and useful tips on how to make their company more efficient, generate higher revenue, and create better-targeted marketing strategies.

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