CNET News – Will Yahoo reclaim its mojo with Tumblr acquisition? Looking to gain a foothold among younger users, Yahoo is shelling out billion for the microblogging site Tumblr. CNET’s Sumi Das ex…
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11 Replies to “CNET News – Will Yahoo reclaim its mojo with Tumblr acquisition?”

  1. Of course, Tumblr is the best. I use it as an Extended Profile for my Twitter. I just hope they don’t remove the ability to customize your profile, like what MySpace did….

  2. If you think Tumblr is going to remain the same, now that is acquired by Yahoo, you’re wrong ! They’re gonna fill the site with ads and to be able to do that, they have to toughen up the community guidelines to make it more general friendly, not like now with so many mature content !  Bye Tumblr …

  3. lol, Not bloody likely. Why did they buy it? To increase their revenue in the long run. What is the quickest way to increase revenue with a popular website? Spam it with ads.

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