CNET News: Yahoo’s layoffs and lost identity

Today, Yahoo announced another round of layoffs, the sixth in the last four years. CNET’s Kara Tsuboi reports on how the Silicon Valley goliath has lost its path.

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18 Responses to CNET News: Yahoo’s layoffs and lost identity

  1. ricepaddy69 says:

    This sucks, because Yahoo! Sports is so good.

  2. tepeke88 says:

    They just need to be bought, id say google Should take a stab at it! Lol

  3. inadaizz says:

    Yahoo will bounce back because of the do not track. Personally i use excite. yee im old school. idk excite just gives me better results usually for what im lookin for.

  4. Daniel Pagan says:

    Damn Yahoo is getting fucked up

  5. lordnerdstorm says:

    ‘ey derk er jerrrrb!

  6. racedaemon says:

    Change the logo and the graphic design. It’s ok to be goofy, but you have to be also smart and sharp. They hold on to that pink logo with an 80′ design. Change the damn logo, Yahoo has a stronger “audio image” (remember the yahooo oo oooo, that is Yahoo) than a “visual image”, people would recognize Yahoo even if the logo gets “sharper”. Also, take a page from Google’s design book and stop cluttering your pages. Free advice.

  7. tidusfantasy says:

    yahoo is still my default home page… i like to see their news headline appearing first thing when i open my firefox… also, i will only use firefox and not googlechrome ever…

  8. AZM55555 says:

    Yeah, I think this might happen…

  9. AZM55555 says:

    I like yahoo but I think Google is a lot better .. I wish good luck for everyone, it’s true that everyone’s doing his best to become special with unique services but when it comes to technological and telecommunication fields, there’s always good and better.

  10. AZM55555 says:

    hahahaa I guess not .. ! Good luck next time. 😉

  11. Magicman10111213 says:

    They took his job!! (South park)

  12. Calvin Johnson says:

    Google owns right now!

  13. Alborz says:

    I really hope that this doesn’t affect yahoo mail and flickr..

  14. elpilito1990 says:

    I sucks to a company go down like that, but I always liked google 100%

  15. Jmelpegues says:

    Yahoo go get brought by Google

  16. tjsdc619 says:

    I like yahoo much more than google.

  17. DawoodRubani says:


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