CNET Top 5 – Best uses for Google Glass

CNET Top 5 - Best uses for Google Glass Google’s smart glasses sound like a cool idea, but how are you really going to use them? Donald bell counts down his list of the top 5 …

12 thoughts on “CNET Top 5 – Best uses for Google Glass

  1. I want facial recognition for people that I know and people that want to be recognized freely. Not people that don’t wan’t to be identified.

  2. you can film whatever you what if it’s on a public space and if it doesn’t harm the people surrounding you. That goes for any country that respects human’s rights really.

  3. I Live in the USA, Where cops are pressured to push you into conflict to meet quotas. Where people are punched in the face by police for being “Mutts” and where little 10 year old boys are tasered in the chest because they refuse to wash a cops patrol car on career day. i’m in the USA where a woman can harass you, assualt,spit and abuse you and if you walk away you will still get arrested. So yes you can record a cop when he stops you. You are in a Public place, or inside your car.

  4. You are not allowed to film whit no permission and you clip can be rejected in court and in what fucking country do you live in where cops oppress you but your allow to have a camera on your head.

  5. The police shouldn’t back down whether someone is filming them or not, if they’re making a fair arrest. Bet you’re one of those Occupy moral crusader retards, who has gone to the liberal extreme of thinking an arrest or even a conversation with a policeman is somehow against your “rights”.

  6. As if we don’t already experience enough stress in western countries … :-). People can not multitask, so why would one want to watch both a TV screen and Google Glass at the same time?! Look up an actor on IMDB while watching a movie?!

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