CNET Update – Google shows apps that work on Glass The first apps for Google Glass include breaking news, the Galaxy S4 could have a 3D camera, and Facebook “likes” can reveal more than …
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14 Responses to CNET Update – Google shows apps that work on Glass

  1. FreedomFighter614 says:

    Anonymous has just released a new video on the new GOOGLE GLASSES and how these glasses are a great hazard to society and will invade your privacy and is just another step towards the NWO…. To view this new video on Google Glass dangers visit my channel and it is my featured video.

  2. girlsdrinkfeck says:

    well then ,his statement of ” fandroids ” only care about specs is stupid since apple fans do the same with iphones ,so this whole thread is then pointless

  3. FreedomFighter614 says:

    come to my channel to hear why this is a bad idea to have the glass

  4. Rajvir Singh says:

    Nokia is that you!!?? Good! Good!!!, Let the Butthurt flow through your body….

  5. Manuel Lopez says:

    when u talk about specs it includes cpu and ram and thus includes the talk about what speed its clocked at and amount of cores….its not rocket science to conclude this with only a few keywords

  6. girlsdrinkfeck says:

    he never mentioned cores

  7. Manuel Lopez says:

    hes talking about people thinking more cores means better performance when in actuality its a waste when no apps are design to take advantage of it

  8. Manuel Lopez says:

    once u resort to name calling u lose all credibility…ur statment is just like any other Samsung buyer who think they know what their talking about when in actuality they only now how to read a spec list nothing more and nothing less…u dont know anything about actual use or engineering

  9. Najik Nasimi says:

    it the 14th 

  10. Sayan Chaudhry says:

    One of the best host for CNET.

  11. Rajvir Singh says:

    Galaxy S4 will have Octo-Core processor, Do you even know what that means? Its will have a .2 inch bigger display than S3 AND it will be FULL HD, you STILL don’t have a HD display on the iPhone… Better battery life, Camera and wireless charging included, Not to mention the stuff that S3 already had over the iPhone.. Samsung is not like Crapple that they just add +1 (or S) to the same iProduct and the iSheep start lining up, they make substantial upgrades every year. Just look at S, S2, S3

  12. noka5730 says:

    Galaxy s4 sucks

  13. MrTnwolf says:

    Advertiser can connect their asses so i can shovle one big thick dictionary (SMOSH) in them..

  14. Rui Jin says:

    really hope that we didn’t expect too much for GS4

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