CNET Update – Google Wallet gets a boost to battle Apple Pay Google’s mobile payment app didn’t get support from carriers – until now. As Google Wallet makes a deal with Softcard, we also look ahead to new smartphones and …

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19 Responses to CNET Update – Google Wallet gets a boost to battle Apple Pay

  1. plainrock124 says:

    So when Apple does one thing, everyone follows…

  2. K Industries says:

    Apple Pay > Google Wallet :D

  3. Turqmelon says:

    Even when Wallet becomes more accepted, it’s still not as convenient as Apple Pay. It’s requiring you to unlock your phone, THEN enter a separate Wallet PIN vs just using Touch ID. :/

  4. Dan Man says:

    It’s sad Samsung had a Galaxy s5 commercial at the Oscar last Sunday and they’re announcing an S6 a week after? Someone gonna be piss.

  5. Martin Cooper says:

    If Google announced that their payment system was available outside of the US in other continents such as Europe, that would have beat Apple Pay for me.

  6. Connor Southo says:

    As soon as apple comes out with a new feature (like apple pay, Touch ID, gold feature, Siri) Samsung just come along and copy it

  7. Miguel Pedras says:

    Hey Bridget may I lick your lips?

  8. MrLaeddis1 says:

    Google made it. Apple made it relevant and good. Get over it. 

  9. Adam Mack says:

    Will google wallet be everywhere with apple pay.

  10. Eduardo Lozano says:

    I can’t imagine people with that terrible fingerprint scanner at Samsungs, trying to pay and use the fingerprint to verify their identity. 

  11. Bhargava Matta says:

    Each time she said “Google” the voice action on my phone started ;P

  12. Steven Rogers says:

    I don’t even care if it’s a “smart” watch, that watch looks amazing and I want it O__o

  13. RikcAvlog says:

    Yes actually i do 

  14. Sujal Pandey says:

    The more competition, the better !

  15. Corey Parker says:

    CNET Update – Google Wallet gets a boost to battle Apple Pay:

  16. Adam Mack says:

    I Hope people gets on board for that soon.

  17. John Davis says:

    Google should have picked up loop pay…really surprised they let Samsung get it

  18. Dionis Kole says:

    There were official images of M9 leaked today and they look nothing like the render you showed here. 

  19. Alfredo Cruz says:

    I’m coming back Google ! Apple is nice but too expensive and restricted, 

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