CNET Update – Welcome to a Windows 8 world Windows 8 goes on sale, the first iPad Mini shipments are delayed, and it’s time to prep your tech for Hurricane Sandy.

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19 Responses to CNET Update – Welcome to a Windows 8 world

  1. saad kader says:

    windows 8 my ass

  2. LaRs McCurdy says:

    advirsment are shit …!!!! i hate it i can’t skip it either …!!! thank you youtube 4 ruin my life !!!!

  3. Rogerio Campanhol says:

    You’re right and it seems it’s a very usual misspelling.

  4. Martin Alferez says:


  5. arvstephenson1107 says:

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  6. AnimeDominum says:

    Windows 8 means the evolution of the PC, that is why it’s so important. You may not like it, but they are keeping it. Wait for Windows 9 or whatever they will call it and it will probably be better to your liking. :)

  7. justdnk777 says:

    It’s true, I did not like it at first, but it really grows on you. I like some of the added features on it. I do like the app idea as well, not much variety yet, but I’m sure when everyone has Windows 8 as their OS, people will start buying Microsoft tablets, that was the idea at least. I won’t be going back to previous Windows OS.

  8. cubanking01 says:


  9. qwe1224322dd says:

    unification of the platform and the push for app developpers

  10. Alexander Huzau says:

    I hate touching screens with my fingers because fingers – even so clean as they may be – leave traces and after a while the screen looks horrible..!

  11. Syed Haroon says:

    she is kinda hot

  12. kibretcom says:

    1:29 – Dear CNet, It’s “Peek” not “Peak”. 

  13. obscuresword says:

    I got it for free :)

  14. shaktimaan09 says:

    Every once in a while i come to this channel just to watch Bridget do gangnam style.

  15. C0uzieG says:

    Microsoft is giving win 8 to people that have bought a win 7 pc recently for $15. But the thing is they don’t verify it, just go to the promotion website windowsupgradeoffer[dot]com fill in the details and say you bought it recently. You’ll get an email with the coupon code.

  16. bigt106 says:

    The hurricanes hitting hard here

  17. sorooshusa says:

    Damn between all that technology hardware and OS updates I gotta say only one thing! She is HOTT!

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