Co-founder David Filo with Yahoo! Green Taxis

Co-founder David Filo with Yahoo! Green Taxis

Image by Yahoo Inc
At Yahoo! announcement in Times Square in New York, May 14, 2007. REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine (UNITED STATES)

5 thoughts on “Co-founder David Filo with Yahoo! Green Taxis

  1. With all due respect to the noble intentions I think I’d rather see Yahoo work on … profitability and web innovations. Warming is so *incredibly* expensive to try to fix it’s better to spend our treasure and time on the low hanging fruit problems of the world: microloans, malaria, aids prevention, etc, and focus on conservation and alternative energy. With China as the leading producing of CO2 I can’t help but think our many noble high tech solutions are just jousting at the energy windmill.

  2. @joeduck: i beg to differ, yahoo can do web innovations, profitability and go green at the same time. don’t you rather see all those happen? 😉 also, when you have the time – watch this:

  3. @ajbatac: I agree it’d be great to see all those happen. However, I also see JoeDuck’s point. Another TED talk addresses this ( My stand is to do whatever we can, based on our own convictions and resources, as long as we’re solving the problems rather than creating more of it.

  4. Fire the PR staff, agency, and/or whoever is behind this cliche’ and too-late campaign. Trying to make the Yahoo! brand ‘green’ will have very little impact on the market’s acceptance. Rather promote the depth and efficiencies of Y!’s offerings and the openness of the platform (APIs). Show notables (not necessarily celebrities) who are expressing themselves using hosting services, 360, flickr and When I’m at business trade shows, I see the majority of users at the email terminals calling up their Y! email accounts but this market position is never promoted. Why? Y!’s PR never seems to get it’s legs because it’s never about what the market cares about.

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