Coffee Crash: Biotech Mystery Thriller Redefines Eco-terrorism

Lincoln, MA (PRWEB) June 05, 2013

What if a new plant disease threatened the worlds coffee crop? What if it wasnt an accident? Coffee Crash, the debut novel from author Steve Hoffenberg, is a biotech mystery thriller that redefines eco-terrorism.

Microbiologist Samuel Decker travels to Brazil to investigate a new organism that rapidly destroys coffee trees, and he discovers puzzling clues surrounding the outbreak.

Matthew Cochran, the CEO of a major U.S. coffee retailer, seeks to leverage industry turmoil and reap millions in profits through commodities market manipulation.

Eddy Zeger, the Indonesian leader of a radical environmentalist group, plots to wreak economic havoc by disseminating the disease into coffee plantations worldwide.

Trails of evidence lead in conflicting directions as Decker and others unravel the truth and struggle to save the worlds coffee plantations from annihilation.

Coffee Crash is stimulating food-for-thought about vulnerability of the worldwide economy at the hands of a small group of determined individuals with modest resources, notes author Steve Hoffenberg. Coffee is not only one of the worlds most valuable crops, its a widespread addiction, a fuel for employee productivity, and an important social lubricant. A threat to coffees availability would have widespread repercussions and is fertile ground for storytelling.

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Coffee Crash is available now in print (ISBN 978-0985315023), and as an ebook at Amazon, Apples iBookstore, (Barnes & Noble), Kobo, Smashwords, and other popular ebook sellers. Review copies are available to qualified professional reviewers.


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