Cognizant Community 2012: The Future of Work

Cognizant Community 2012: The Future of Work You’re invited to Cognizant Community 2012, our annual North American thought leadership conference. CCUS will take place October 21 through October 24. This year’s event is titled “Now Arriving The Next Generation Enterprise.” We’ll look at applying social, mobile, analytics, and cloud concepts to deliver the future of work. We call this emerging master IT architecture the SMAC Stack and it’s opening the door to more progressive and productive ways of working. Industry luminaries and the Cognizant executive team will share breakthrough business and technology insights. For example, big data and its implications will be addressed by MIT researcher and author Andy McAfee. The mind bending opportunities enabled by crowdsourcing will be covered by Harvard professor of computer science and law, Jonathan Zittrain. Guy Kawasaki, ex Chief Evangelist for Apple, will share thoughts on the art of innovation. Chris Meyer, co-founder of Monitor Talent, will dissect capitalism and show how rapid growth in the developing world is leveling the global playing field. And these are just a few of our speakers. Come to Cognizant Community 2012 to gain expert knowledge in how to rethink your business models, reinvent how you collaborate, and rewire your operations. You’ll also learn how to increase work efficiency by using the SMAC Stack, how new age digital models are rendering widget-based models obsolete, how cloud IT is helping to globalize and virtualize work
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