Cold Cave – “Life Magazine”

Cold Cave’s video for “Life Magazine” off of their album “Love Comes Close”. Buy from iTunes: Buy from Amazon: Buy from Matador: Director: Focus Creeps Editor: Matt Egan Producer: Stacy Paris Actress: Marti Domination Thanks to: Anthony Mathile, Christelle de Castro, Katherine Pickard, Albert Herter
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to Cold Cave – “Life Magazine”

  1. alelvremy says:

    I really like this song, she should sing more than the dude.

  2. mikebott says:

    if there’s a yotube trend that needs to die, it’s saying what ‘brought you here’

  3. joao monteiro says:

    pow, as vezes é melhor escutar a música do que ver o vídeo

  4. readifer says:

    i’m not sure what pes 2012 is but i’m glad to see cold cave is finally getting publicity :3

  5. Carlos Meneses says:

    Ok everybody shut up about PES 12!!!!

  6. fmsynthesisvic says:

    same here lol … apparently some soccer thing ._. 

  7. CobraHacker100 says:

    PES 12 !

  8. SirKnightStalker says:


  9. arsidaking1 says:

    PES 2012!!!

  10. 22ndirish says:

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

  11. jrollholla says:

    WTF is Pes 12?

  12. Grande Gabri says:

    pes12 ù.ù

  13. Reddy Fisher says:

    Does anyone know the name of the person featured in this video?

  14. martinivilisrc15 says:

    traga verga ,l. :)

  15. Cristian Alexander says:

    PES 2012

  16. ArtLOVEsU says:

    if you came here coz of PES12 you will die of several cancers :V >:)

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