Cold Feet

Cold Feet

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Someone who has ‘cold feet’ backs out of a situation or expressed commitment because, for some reason, they feel unable to see it through.

The expression is found in American English in the 1890s. The phrase seems to have Italian origins, in the Italian expression avegh minga frecc i pee, which is a Lombard saying, literally meaning "to have no money."

Tired of living in the black and white?
Where fools can tell you that you’re never right
I know a place where the film’s in color
Just step inside of yourself
Here’s a place in the front row
So on with the show

Do you want more
Do you need more?

There’s a place where the grass is greener
And you can shake, rattle and roll
Here’s the key to the front door
Do you want more
Will you need more?

Taken at Calvary Cemetery

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