Colorado Springs Optometrist Search Engine Optimization

Colorado Springs Get More Patients Optometrist’s Edition This short video will show you why video marketing should be your primary (or maybe only) Internet method for getting new patients for your optometry practice You want more patients calling your optometry practice on a weekly and monthly basis. You see other doctors posting videos, but do they really bring in new patients? The short answer is maybe. Pretty videos with no Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short) tend to just collect Internet dust. Direct response videos with on-going SEO typically get great results. The video viewer is shown the problem, the solution and exactly where to get it solved — that’s Your Practice. At, I have created a system for getting optometry practices ranked on the first page and more importantly — getting more people calling you. You found this video because video is precisely how I find new clients. I can guarantee you I am getting calls from this video. Video marketing is just as effective when applied correctly for a optometry practice. I can only ethically work with one optometry practice in Colorado Springs at any one time. Call me today and let’s see if we have a match.

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    i never usually comment videos, but i just want to say THANK YOU!? (it took about 2 mins to? download but it WORKS!)

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