Come Into My Heart – Witch’s Romance OST by Park Seo Joon

I do not own this video. I uploaded this for my blog review and because I am a fan. My review is here: …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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14 Responses to Come Into My Heart – Witch’s Romance OST by Park Seo Joon

  1. vanessa colores says:

    Este es el remake de My queen drama taiwanes?

  2. SERAP DOĞAN says:

    Mağrifetli ♥

  3. inspiritmaryanne says:

    I KNEW THAT WAS HIS VOICE! Ahhhh, he sings so well and so is his acting. Perfect Oppa I swear *.* <3

  4. Shanika Tophia says:

    I just can’t even. He is perfect. 

  5. lot mallare says:

    oooh that kissss!!!

  6. Fatou Uzalae says:

    I like this song very much and the lyrics are really express Yun Dong Ha ‘ feelings in the drama <3

  7. Hawa Chian says:

    I like him… and i dont like her…

  8. Nuu Fizz says:

    Can any body please do english and hangul subtitle for this song… tq in advance=)

  9. Jo Mei says:

    He handsome, nice voice & good acting (Y) He is so perfect ♡♥

  10. Stephanie Ddvra says:

    Check out this video on YouTube: Witch’s Romance kdrama mv

  11. shamille724 says:

    I love this oppa!!

  12. Hung Tran says:

    but isnt she too old for him??

  13. Cyrus Yan says:

    he is really handsome. like him so much.

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