Communities of Distinction Presents A Special on City Services

Coral Springs, FL (PRWEB) January 25, 2013

The Communities of Distinction TV show presents a special series covering the services cities offer to its residents. It explores the range of what is offered from animal control to parks and recreation and how it may have to contract some of them to save money to preserve jobs. The program will air in February and run throughout the year.

The program, which airs on many cable television networks, is unique in that it goes inside Americas best cities and towns and highlights the fascinating aspects of what each service provides to its citizens. It digs into the services which are privatized and outsourced to contractors in an effort to save money and keep jobs. The show also explores the best little places in North America which may be never be found until shown on the Communities of Distinction TV show, hosted by NFL legend Terry Bradshaw.

Bradshaw played for the Pittsburgh Steelers as a quarterback and was instrumental in leading the team to four Super Bowl wins and many national championship victories. His career spanned 14 years and he was later inducted into the Pro Ball Hall of Fame. He retired from professional football in the mid 1980s and has worked continuously in it as a commentator, analyst, and currently is one of the co-hosts on an Emmy-winning pregame show. In addition, he is a best-selling author, actor, favorite talk show guest and frequently requested motivational speaker.

Communities of Distinction films on location throughout the United States and Canada and is broadcast nationally and regionally on cable television networks. The producers of the show travel to the best little cities and towns to bring them to the forefront so viewers have an opportunity to learn about a new location. More information about the first-rate program and its host is available at, or on its Facebook page and Pinterest Board.

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