COMMUNITY INICIATION “The X-periment no. 1”

COMMUNITY INICIATION “The X-periment no. 1”
Event on 2013-04-03 12:00:00

Hoy~land is offering the opportunity to experiment and explore the challenges and benefits of living in community for a week 3rd till 10th April.

 We believe that working/living together with the aim of a shared project will inevitably generate the issues/opportunities that we need in order to deepen our connection and understanding of our selves and others. We believe that a “work camp” will not only provide the blissful moments of working alongside each other in contact with nature, but also the chance to deal with any clashes that prevent us from harmonious and authentic interactions.

 The plan is 8 hours of commitment a day comprising work, silence time, check-ins and group process. There will be also time for walks, evening fires, hammock siestas, solitude if needed, and hopefully lots of fun and celebration.

 So… there is two aspects to this adventure: one is the working side which can be either cooking, clearing land, or small natural building projects (5h a day); and the other is the Group process which will be stimulated by the experiences that each of us will have whilst working and living with one another.

 In The Group process we will encourage authentic communication using the principles of NVC and Shadow work tools.

 We request of you reading Non-violent communication A Language of life by Marshall Rosenberg, so we can all have a basic understanding of NVC. There is also plenty of videos in you tube this is our favourite

The second condition is no alcohol or dope consumption during the week, this is to encourage us all to be present with what it is, we believe that often, the use of these medicines act as estrategies to inmunise ourselfs from what we are actually feeling and needing. 

 We would like to have a meeting on 2nd March 12am-3pm (Brighton) to go through the esquedule, go deeper into “The Plan” and to get to meet each other whilst having some tasty Spanish lentils. (Get in contact for details)

 In order to make this experience potent and intimate there is only 6 places available, we cannot keep places open so if you want to come book you place ASAP.

 The £230 contribution includes full Vegetarian Catering for a week, Off grid acomodation, flights from Gatwick to Madrid, 3rd till 10th of April, and transport. This figure is made with the ticket prices at present (Jan 2013) if you book beyond January the prices of flights will have dramatically increased so an extra payment will be required if this is the case.

We are hoping that you will travel on the same plane on both ways, it would make things much easier for you and for us… we are in the process of hiring a vehicle and we still don't know if there will be enough spaces ( hiring 7 seaters is a killer in Spain ) This means that maybe two of you will have to travel by bus on arrival ( straight 2hr journey ) these tickets and all the directions will be provided by us.

The £230 contribution doesn't include the bus fair back to Madrid airport on the 10th which is around €17.

 If you have any further questions please give us a call we will be delighted to hear from you:

Monte: 07737215437

Mark: 07426016973

or via facebook

Whatch this space we will keep adding info as we birth it!

at Hoy~Land ( Land’f HoY )
La Vera, Spain

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