Community Service Help Launches No-Cost Volunteer Tracking Platform

Miami, FL (PRWEB) May 16, 2013

Community Service Help, a company that promotes using education as an alternative to court ordered community service, has recently announced the launch of a no-cost volunteer tracking platform.

Places in need of Community Service Help for Courts and Probation Officers can benefit from the court software. The no-cost software offers courts, probation officers, and judges a way to track all volunteers online from any location that provides access to the Internet.

Probation officers can use the platform to perform a variety of tasks, such as assign community service hours, follow up on offender progress, and download verification paperwork. One of the most profound features for the court system is the program’s ability to allow anyone to volunteer without restriction on crime, disability, or age.

Your clients will be placed with a Federally approved 501(c)3 non profit that we guarantee will sponsor their volunteer work regardless of their crime, condition, or circumstance, states an article on Community Service Help. As your clients go through the educational program our electronic supervision will track their time, make sure they are following the rules, and report their progress back to your staff in real time.

Community Service Helps newest program will reduce costs for probation departments. Statistics provided by the company show that the program has reduced probationer recidivism, community crime, and community unemployment rates, as well as tax expenditures on waste. It has also proven itself useful in increasing job worthiness, quality of life, and continuing education for offenders.

Over 2,000 courts in the United States, Canada, and Europe accept Community Service Helps program. Over 10,000 offenders use it annually and over 750,000 volunteer hours have been tracked to date. The program has delivered over 1,250,000 educational courses to individuals.

Anyone interested in learning more about Community Service Help and its services can visit the companys website for more information.

About Community Service Help:

Community Service Help advocates education as an alternative to traditional court ordered community service. Through their online program, offenders have logged more than 750,000 hours of self-scheduled schooling that allows them to remain employed while completing their community service hours. Community Service Help believes that addressing the direct correlation between crime and education is a more effective tool for rehabilitating offenders than traditional community service assignments. Community Service Help has been featured on ABC News, CBS News, Yahoo!, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal. For more information, please visit

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