Company of Heroes – Tournament XXV Ep.6

Donations – Steam Group – InukiTV Twitch Live Casts – Twitch Live play – Friendly Lions – Soundcloud – ( Not all songs availible there…not that you want them they are awful! ) Copy and paste everywhere…so many copy pasta. Just a short description about the production of this tournament. It’s taken about a month to produce. You can apparently help me produce more in even the smallest of ways. Pressing the “Like” button will be the smallest amount of help you can give. Then Subscribe. Telling other peoples about me word of mouth not mouth to mouth style is also good. Followed by watching all of the video. Then direct donations and lastly hand delivering me cash prizes. I keep getting barked at because I don’t advertise myself enough. Well I don’t know how. If you do though giving me some tips would be nice or just doing it yourself would be even better. I’ll try and focus on improving the videos though. I like doing that. It’s a shame these skills are completely useless to me.
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