Company Profiles – Raising the profile of your business and sharing your valuable services and products to over 180 million people.

Company Profiles – Raising the profile of your business and sharing your valuable services and products to over 180 million people.
Event on 2013-03-18 08:30:00

Our Company Profiles workshop will teach you how to build your companies online LinkedIn presence, to display to over 180 million users of LinkedIn your valuable services and products and to show the recommendations from your happy clients to your potential clients. Over 90% of people believe the recommendation of a peer!

The functionality on company profiles is very impressive. It includes advanced functionality that even allows you to reconfigure some aspects of your company profile in context of the viewer, eg English for UK viewers, French for viewers from France, different again if 10,000 plus staff and so on – all very clever, but simple to implement and easy to maintain once you know how.

LinkedIn can also tell you a lot about the companies you would like to work with, how they are made up, the length of time staff have worked in the business, their educational background, their competitors, staff locations and so much more – unlock this useful source of data to make approaches to new potential business clients so much easier.

Workshop overview:

The training is delivered in an informal workshop style so that you can bring your laptop with you and apply techniques with an expert on hand. The session is based on a “talk a bit” then “do a bit” model so you create your own company page in the session.

We run the course at a good pace, with an expert lead session with instructions and a workbook.

  • Overview of the entities within LinkedIn.
  • Review of the company search function.
  • Overview of the ways to use LinkedIn as a research tool for companies.
  • How to locate and use LinkedIn to track how a business evolves over time.
  • Overview of the company profile functionality.
  • How to secure your company page from being ‘hacked’.
  • Create your own LinkedIn company profile page in the session.
  • Learn how to list your services and products within your company page.
  • Request recommendations professionally for the business.

You will learn how to:

  • Understand the entities within LinkedIn.
  • Find out the composition of the businesses you’d like to know more about so that you can write better proposals.
  • Track how businesses change automatically and have them delivered to you on an email, a great way to track clients and competitors.
  • Build a compelling three dimensional company profile which includes a list of services and products you offer.
  • Integrate your YouTube video content at two different levels.
  • Contextualise the company profile differently depending on the viewer. This puts your company profile into context of the viewer, different types of viewer = different views of the company profile.
  • Create banner advertisements for your LinkedIn company page.
  • Maximise the personal SEO potential of your company profile.
  • Integrate your company profile to your company website.
  • Learn how to administer, secure and manage your company profile.

You can make LinkedIn a high value tool that will have an effect on you, your future and your success.

To enable you to create your own LinkedIn organisational profile you need to have a company email address and a role on your profile that shows you work at the same company.

at Southampton, Southampton, United Kingdom

Southampton, United Kingdom

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