Compilation Of Top Youtube Videos

Compilation Of Top Youtube Videos

Compilation Of Top Youtube Videos
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17 Responses to Compilation Of Top Youtube Videos

  1. Ich Bins says:

    1:08 he saw some salad…

  2. BaconxEve says:

    No cause he’s a fucking bad singer and your a mindless cunt.

  3. Katie T says:

    why because he can sing?

  4. 321ferco says:

    nice videos

  5. Jx2Entertainment says:

    jx2 re


    Justin got OWNED

  7. Daniel meneghetti says:

    troppo divertente!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Henrik Hillemyr says:

    justin was so pwn

  9. YutubeSEO says:

    Do you have more videos you could show us?

  10. op wfree says:

    @BaconxEve give 5 reasons why he deserved it.

  11. Виктор Рогов says:

    Yay by a cock and when he said that hurt he was lying

  12. Виктор Рогов says:

    lol justin beiber is gay for justin beiber

  13. AWAIS AKHATR says:

    ha ha justin that was funny

  14. fatsweeps says:

    and another night goes flying by thanks to you tube…think i better hit the sack got work i n 5 hours zzzzzzzzz MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY :) If you have time please check out my channel fatsweeps, and “cute kids sharing water” (others if you like) I hope you enjoy the videos let me know what you think :)

  15. Spooky S says:

    i did the same lol :P

  16. thehunterz119 says:

    Charlie bit my finger again is a pile of s**t I don’t know why people find it so funny all it is is some babie biting her retarded brothers finger BIG DEAL that happens in every household If you wanna see a REAL funny vid watch all of the wafflepwn videos

  17. WOOTIMSOAWESOME1111 says:

    I care more about the kid getting his finger bitten then Justin getting something thrown at him, hell, I wish he got a bullet thrown at him…

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