Concept Overdrive Celebrates its 10th Birthday

Burbank, CA (PRWEB) January 05, 2013

Concept Overdrive Inc. celebrates its first decade of high-profile technology development in 2013. From its humble beginnings in a Burbank garage workshop in 2003 to a brand, reputation, and products that industry now trusts – Concept Overdrive has stood the test of time and made its presence known in entertainment and industrial markets.

This winter audiences can see the company’s Overdrive motion control system swaying the lifeboat in Life of Pi, or shaking middle-earthlings around in The Hobbit. This coming year promises to provide greater Overdrive exposure in other media too.

As a software R&D firm, Concept Overdrive has specialized in prototyping new technologies, typically in the arena of real-time motion, whether the application is virtual or moving real-world machinery. Those who watch NFL Football are familiar with the Cablecam which is controlled by Overdrive technology. Concept Overdrive has made a menagerie of animatronic creatures come to life over the last decade. Concept Overdrive even had the privilege of working more than four years on the worlds biggest movie, Avatar, where six Overdrive systems were used, and the Synthesis pipeline software was developed, churning out over a quarter of a million renders. Some of the virtual studio technologies Concept Overdrive developed with its partners during that period have even helped shape the industry as a whole.

Steve Rosenbluth founded the company in the Spring of 2003 after developing the Overdrive system to control Tom Cruise’s hydraulic stunt horse on The Last Samurai. We’ve developed a mountain of technology since then, says Rosenbluth, both for motion control and purely digital genres. It’s fascinating to think that every week of the year, audiences on every continent experience Concept Overdrive technology through some form of media and entertainment. It’s very satisfying, we’ve literally made the world more fun.

In addition to physical effects for Feature Film, Concept Overdrive technology has expanded over the years into Visual Effects, Show Control, Gaming, Sports, Television commercials, Government, Aerospace, and Industrial Robotics. Applications include camera control, robotics, joystick/input devices, display automation, flying camera systems, virtual cameras, render pipeline software, motion capture, 3D graphics simulation, and meta-data capture.

Concept Overdrive would like to sincerely thank all those who supported and believed in the technology, and the people behind it, over the last ten years.

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