Concerned Parents Use Technology to Make Childrens Screen Time Count Online

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) September 11, 2012

Parents of young children now have another tool to help deal with screen time overload as Kidobi launches a free version of their personalization software. Driven by rising rates of screen time, particularly among young children, Kidobi empowers parents to make screen time count by giving parents the means to customize their childrens programming to fit their unique values.

Kidobis free service allows parents to build and edit playlists of childrens videos from around the web and tailor the programming to their childs unique needs.

Preschoolers watch 32 hours of TV every week, making it their primary activity. Parents should be involved in what their kids are watching but this is a huge burden for parents, says Leo Henning, Founder & CEO of Kidobi and a father of three young girls. Asking parents to make sure their kids screen time is well-spent is an impossible task because of the sheer volume of content theyre watching.

Henning recognized that a one-size-fits-all solution would be inadequate. Every child has different needs and every parent has different opinions on what constitutes quality screen time, asserts Henning. Kidobi was developed to let parents implement their own best practice when it comes to childrens media, without having to work overtime.

Kidobis technology incorporates artificial intelligence and expert ratings with reviews that are crowd-sourced from parents to allow for granular control over what content will be shown to each child.

Parents can set content filters, time limits and create a personalized curriculum, which Kidobi uses to program the childs personal learning channel. For a more hands-on experience parents can browse through the video library to create and share their own playlists on a huge variety of subjects.

The free version of Kidobi gives parents access to the companys advanced parental controls to manage curated childrens content from YouTube. Parents can purchase access to Kidobis Premium Video subscription package, which features thousands of educational and entertaining videos at the sale price of $ 4/month (regularly priced at $ 8/month).

Earlier this summer Kidobi launched mobile versions of its software for iPad and Googles Android operating system.


About Kidobi:

Kidobi is a new, online preschool destination that is on a mission to make screen time count. Kidobi creates tailor-made video playlists based on a child’s age, interests and skills, adapting to each child’s skill level and preferences using technology developed with educators and child development experts.

Designed to help busy parents ensure their child gets the right content at the right time, Kidobi gives parents peace of mind with educational and entertaining playlists.

Kidobis content library features preschool programming from top producers and distributors around the world, including BRB International, CCI Entertainment, Distribution360, The Juno Company, Organa Kids, Studio100 Media, Your Family Entertainment, and many more. For more information about Kidobis content partners please visit our website.

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