22 Replies to “‘Concert for George’ Documentary Film (HD) Full Film (Sight ‘N Sound Multimedia)”

  1. it just leaves you speechless…my my my!!! What a showing of Love, Peace, nothing but good things mentioned, nothing sour & i love it!!! Peace to you all! I miss that caliber of talent, & showmanship…raw, and beautiful! Have a Deluxe Day!! Keep Rockin’!

  2. every time I see this concert always excited me. are mixed feelings. aside sadness for your loss and joy, consolation for having done such incredible tribute to the best musicians and friends sing and speak truth with such love george …

  3. An absolute all-time family favorite! I bought the dvd 8 years ago, loaned it out, it never made it home. Visually and musically stunning!  Thanks for sharing!

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