Concierge Medicine Today Releases 2014 Educational Guide, The Patient’s Guide to Concierge Medicine

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) February 24, 2014

There is an estimated 5,500 concierge practices nationwide according to author and editor, Michael Tetreault of Concierge Medicine Today. And, about two-thirds of these doctors charge less than $ 135 a month. In a new book, The Patients Guide To Concierge Medicine, by Concierge Medicine Today, explains in detail why these practices are so popular and how affordable they really are. This a comprehensive resource and introductory guide for anyone wanting to learn more about concierge medicine, direct primary care and cash-only medical clinics from a consumer/patient perspective. The 2014 Edition offers a comprehensive list of services and information, an easy-to-read Q and A format, the 41 questions you should ask a concierge doctor and the resource everyone can use to locate a doctor.

Released by Concierge Medicine Today, the private-pay medical industrys oldest news and information trade journal, Atlanta-based healthcare writers, Michael Tetreault and Catherine Sykes have released the 2014 Edition that addresses important healthcare topics such as: The Cost of Concierge Medicine; What Is Direct Primary Care; Services Offered; Pros and Cons; How does concierge medicine work with Insurance; Health Benefits; Research and Data; What To Expect; and more.

The field of concierge medicine and direct primary care is still relatively young but the ideology pre-dates the telephone and even the Andy Griffith era medicine whereby a doctor comes to your aid, day or night, theres no-copay, deductible or appointment required, says Michael Tetreault, Editor of Concierge Medicine Today. Concierge Medicine physicians and direct-pay doctors stand in the gap for you. Theyre reducing hospitalizations significantly, compatible with nearly every insurance plan in America and people are saving more money on their healthcare costs each year. We see the growth rate of doctors entering this type of practice in the coming years being around 7%-15% per year due to low insurance reimbursements, the Medicare fee schedule and the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on doctors offices. More people are enrolling in high-deductible health insurance plans that cover major, unforeseen events, leaving the everyday expenses to the consumerjust like auto and homeowners insurance.

People typically choose a doctor based on a personal recommendation of a trusted friend or relative. The Patients Guide To Concierge Medicine is available to help patients decide for themselves if this model of healthcare meets their needs. Regardless of what they might have heard or already know, this publication can help guide them through the decision-making process of choosing their next doctor.

This book will educate healthcare consumers about the benefits, value and cost and help them to understand the role and responsibilities of a concierge doctor, adds Catherine Sykes, co-author. It gives people the tools and information they need to make an informed decision and find a doctor in order to get the best results. The Affordable Care Act will enable self-employed and self-insured individuals and companies to move their coverage to these doctors in a faster, more timely manner. With the introduction of mandated health insurance coverage, long lines at the doctors office and the uncertainty of keeping their physician, choosing a concierge doctor or direct-pay physician is a real, affordable and simple option for the families, companies and individuals who will be looking. This book is the first step to understanding this new form of healthcare.

The Patients Guide To Concierge Medicine is available for sale now for $ 9.95 at, Barnes and Noble and on Kindle eReaders. For more information or to order a copy, visit

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About The Authors

Catherine Sykes serves as the Publisher and Managing Director of Concierge Medicine Today, an online news agency serving all sectors interested in this emerging healthcare industry. Ms. Sykes is a healthcare and marketing professional bringing over thirty years of experience in healthcare marketing, healthcare product and operations development, network development and management to clients and businesses for which she serves. She has consulted with and served as an adviser to national and state associations, corporations, non-profits, government advisory committees and other consultancies.

Michael Tetreault serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Concierge Medicine Today. Mr. Tetreault has over 14 years of experience as a brand advocate, marketing, public relations, sales and brand manager. As Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Tetreault oversees all multimedia news stories and reporting activities for the international publication. He is considered an expert in the fields of concierge medicine as well as social media marketing/pr, speaking and authoring books and ebooks such as Branding Concierge Medicine, The Marketing MD and others.

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Concierge Medicine Today (CMT), is a news organization and the industrys oldest national trade publication for the direct primary care and concierge medicine marketplace. Their web site is the online destination for businesses, consumers, physicians, legislators, researchers and other stakeholders to learn about the history of this industry, various business aspects of the marketplace, trends, breaking news and more that drives the conversation that concierge medicine and direct primary care is creating on a national and international level. For more information, visit: or

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