Configuring URL Parameters in Webmaster Tools

If you’re the webmaster of a site with URLs parameters and you’d like to help Google crawl your site more efficiently, Maile Ohye gives pointers (for the more common cases) on how to configure URL Parameters in Webmaster Tools.

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  1. Adam Losier says:

    I don’t understand why are you using a windows based extension (.aspx) doesn’t that mean your hopeless to begin with. Microsoft Products + Internet = Instant Fail!

  2. osakakokujin says:

    There is nothing wrong with her eyes, no need to be rude. We’re here to learn about URL Parameters!

  3. Ste Hughes says:

    Something is seriously wrong with her eyes.

  4. S8E8L says:

    FU google, can’t watch the new video

  5. superchrisknowsbest says:

    Awesome! You make it so easy to understand Configuring URL Parameters!

  6. Nayan Mewada says:

    Very well explained, but still i need to practically experiment it to make sure that i understand it 100%

  7. doiseo says:

    Great Video, thanks Maile Ohye

  8. vijendra paliwal says:

    It is very nice video.Thanks for sharing this video.

  9. John Miller says:

    I didn’t know about the URL parameters. Thanks for sharing this video. Very cool

  10. bestfreeseotools4you says:

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  11. articlesubmitterplus says:

    Cool… I like it.

  12. Aleksandra Ikk says:

    It’s very clear. Thanks so much!

  13. Max Zepplin says:

    Again, I applaud this information, Chapeau to you.

  14. Ypages Pk says:

    please help me how can i set my website URL Parameters my web is google webmaster help please help me

  15. Mark Grace says:

    by the way, that’s from my RSS feed. do i just disallow /feed?

  16. Mark Grace says:

    ?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign= < —google is indexing posts on my website with this. and now i’m getting DUPLICATE CONTENT messages for these posts that have been indexed. i was getting indexed within minutes, and now it takes 12 to 13 hours to index my sites. help :(

  17. MILKYPISTOL says:

    Her voice really pitches every time she starts a new sentence :O

  18. seoinaminute says:

    Thank you Maile! This is great.

  19. Autop10 says:

    I had a big misunderstanding with this tool, now it is clear. Thanks for doing it.

  20. Patty Bradley says:

    Very useful. Thanks so much!

  21. WiZeR911 says:

    Oh Yay!

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