Connectalytics, Cross-Platform Analytics Utility, Launched by Vuurr

Chandler, Arizona (PRWEB) January 14, 2013

Connectalytics is built for online advertisers and agencies who are tired of manually merging, calculating and analyzing advertising data from Google Adwords, Bing Ads or other monetized sources every day.

Merging cross-campaign, pay-per-click advertising data from various sources, Connectalytics allows users to monitor their online advertising performance on one platform. It combines keywords, bids, goals, etc. from designated PPC accounts in Bing Ads with click data in Google Analytics in order to provide a detailed, comprehensive and reliable report of an online advertising strategy from one sign in.

Developed, produced and internally funded by Vuurr in Chandler, AZ, Connectalytics will launch officially as a free, national product on Monday, January 14. Microsofts Bing Ads is the first source to be supported. Facebook and LinkedIn connections are already in the development phase and are expected to be active soon.

Although Connectalytics provides a lot of value for people in our industry, we decided to offer it for free because we believe everyone should have access to the data they need to make informed marketing decisions, Scott Yacko at Vuurr said.

Connectalytics pulls cost data from any number of a users feeds, or one ad campaign, and pushes the results into the users Google Analytics account via Google APIs. Every night, the tool automatically pulls all the days data from each feed, properly formats the data and updates the values in Analytics.

Users enjoy a 100 percent hands-off experience after just a few simple steps. Because its designed to run independently, users never have to hassle with settings, relinking information or uploading files over time.

Connectalytics lets marketers do what they do best – manage their campaigns, Chris Conrey at Vuurr said. Having a complete picture of your online advertising will make strategy diagnosis faster, more accurate and easier across multiple sources.

Users only need a Google Analytics account (also free) to signup. Once authorized, Connectalytics will connect with Bing Ads account(s) and populate a list ready to record. From the dashboard, users can easily select the account(s) wanted to push into Analytics, as well as choose which properties and profiles should be included in the feed. Once set, Connectalytics will automatically update feed data every 24 hours. The tool is free for up to 10,000 keywords.

Vuurr builds metric-driven, digital marketing campaigns. By focusing on both organic and paid search engine strategy, analytics integration and reporting, and conversion-oriented custom development, Vuurr provides each of our clients with ROI motivated results. Vuurrs client portfolio includes companies such as MIT, Arizona State University, Cox Communications, PandoDaily and Infusionsoft.

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