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ConnectLeader LLC announces the issuance of three patents (U.S. Patent numbers 8594308, 8964963, and 8938058) by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for which ConnectLeader is the exclusive licensee. These patents protect many aspects of the companys innovative sales acceleration technology, and are key components of a comprehensive international patent portfolio that includes many pending patents worldwide.

ConnectLeader is a pioneering innovator of technology designed specifically to give B2B sales reps visibility into the calling process, allowing them to make real-time updates on-the-fly. ConnectLeader refers to these features as visibility and control. Using the visibility features enable users to see which target leads/contacts are queued up for calling next. The ConnectLeader sales dialing platform control feature enables users to update the status of leads/contacts that are queued up for calling. In turn, the user may dynamically change the order of calling, create a do not call status, or a do not call until a specific time status.

Management Quotes

Using a sales acceleration platform is like driving a sports car. stated Senraj Soundar, CEO of ConnectLeader. When you drive a sports car, it is important to have excellent visibility into where you are heading and have total control on the road you take. Visibility and control features in our sales acceleration platform are analogous to the exceptional visibility and control of a sports car. These important features facilitate user adoption of our sales acceleration platform and expedite productivity increases for our customers. In addition to the obvious business benefits, our customers tell us it is fun to use the product. Soundar added.

These patents enable ConnectLeader to assertively maintain its status as the leader of ground breaking innovations in sales acceleration, said Matt Stanton, VP of Sales at ConnectLeader.

Customer Quotes

I like to change my list as Im calling. I can easily de-select a name and the system wont call that number. Scott Serpa, Inside Sales Manager, formerly with Xangati, Inc.

Before we used Team Dialer, we used another tool. Some of our representatives were reluctant to use the dialing technology because they would be caught off guard when a call was connected. With ConnectLeader, they have much more control. Rob Consoli, VP of Sales & Marketing, Liaison Technologies

In addition to the visibility and control features, these patents protect many other innovative sales acceleration capabilities offered by ConnectLeader (or planned for in the near future), such as:

Multi-touch campaign with calling Enables sales reps to easily plan and execute multi-touch campaigns including various touches like calling, leaving voice messages, sending texts, and sending emails.

Remote Coach Enables sales managers to actively listen to and coach sales reps during calls

Online scheduling of calling sessions Facilitates time management for sales reps

Dynamic Agent Allocation Allows the system to optimize agents time utilization

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