Conscious Awakenings – Transform Your Communications NLP Course

Conscious Awakenings – Transform Your Communications NLP Course
Event on 2012-10-17 18:00:00

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A new exciting 8 week course run by International Coach Jennipher McDonald!


Transform your communication…


Transforming Communication is a series of seminars designed to deliver powerful skills from Neuro Linguistic Programming to your family, your team and your work situation. With Transforming Communication you’ll discover a whole new dimension to your communication with yourself and the People you care about!


Starting soon…! 17th October – 5th December 2012!


Wednesday evenings 6.oopm – 9.00pm!


Intuitive Wellness Centre, upstairs opposite Fremantle Yoga, Door 4, E-shed Markets, Victoria Quay, Fremantle


Jennipher McDonald B.A(Hons)! Master NLP Practitioner & Instructor      M: 0403173790



at E-Shed Markets, intuitive Wellness Centre,
4 Queen Victoria St
Fremantle, Australia

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