Consciousness Connector – Theta Supercharger With 3rd Eye Booster

Consciousness Connector – Theta Supercharger With 3rd Eye Booster For more info please v…
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19 Responses to Consciousness Connector – Theta Supercharger With 3rd Eye Booster

  1. pamela khalifa says:

    10th,,hmmm never heard of that..seems to me there is nothing past oneness with everything..will look it up,, your pic looks like 3rd dimension but i will explore just in case

  2. Athan Spano says:

    we shall see friend 

  3. anthon98989 says:

    My head hurts is that normal?

  4. CalebMartialArts says:

    This is a page for Spiritual Awareness, stand by use, and discover who you truly are. facebook(.) com/ TheSpiritualMovementForGood

  5. DrMcCool McCool says:

    5th na 10th you catch up…

  6. WisdomEnergy says:

    it like nothing i get better by just silence lol

  7. NemanjaGuitar says:

    good stuf, really! 

  8. MyDanceMoovez10 says:

    Wot. This aint dubstep :(

  9. LID521 says:

    smoke marijuana & listen to this third eye will automatically open …

  10. SuperEngage1 says:

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  11. teeejayh says:

    I sincerely hope you laughed at him saying that..

  12. maughan3061 says:

    Check out’Relaxing sounds of frogs’.A 1hour upload that’s just as good.Really!

  13. kawtar1D says:

    we’re consciousness experiencing life in body i invit you to read that book —–> ‘the present’ in truth contest website after reading that book your life will changes my life has changed and that why i share this book with people because love is to share

  14. Gypsy Randall says:

    i like :)

  15. pseudocalmSC2 says:

    problem is you listened for 30 seconds. if meditated with it will change your brain waves into the theta state which is kind of a shortcut into relaxing the brain in the same way that an accomplished wake enduced lucid dreamer can, its the same brainwave state you are in in REM sleep and light meditation, but easier to accomplish with audio like this. It’s applications are endless.

  16. vital989 says:

    only 79.99, order now i we’ll add a bonus anti-deamon spray for for a very special price of 129.99 !! LOL

  17. pamela khalifa says:

    who the hell wants 4th dimension..we’re going for the 5th dimension, catch up

  18. pamela khalifa says:

    thats what you think..just wait..and u will understand why it is such a big deal

  19. Michael Shea says:

    Supposed to be relaxing or somesuch, but apparently a lot of people find the base noise annoying, so they mask it with other noise. In this case, the noise they’re masking it with sounds pretty annoying itself. But try putting some other music on in the background or something, a lot more tolerable to me that way. Nice last name, btw.

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